The War for Our Souls: Week 5


The Helmet and Sword Growing up, my brother and I loved playing dress up. The costumes and jumpsuits morphed over the years from firemen and princesses to cowboys and Star Wars characters. Though, our masks/helmets and weapons always remained most important. We did our best to hold tight to these parts of our armor. Still … Continue reading The War for Our Souls: Week 5

Building Your TRUST Muscle

Featured Today's theme is TRUST. In what areas of your life do you need surrender to God and TRUST Him with the outcome? Maybe your job? Finances? Future? Family? Health? Often times, it starts with the trusting Him with the small moments and decisions. Yet as people who desire control, it can be difficult. Although, … Continue reading Building Your TRUST Muscle

The Masterpiece Within: JEALOUSY

Featured Check out this weeks blog on the emotion: JEALOUSY! If you are in need of prayer or would like to further connect, please feel free to comment below, email me at, find my page on Facebook @scrogginsalisha, YouTube: Mess 2 Masterpiece, or Instagram @mess_2_masterpiece. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so … Continue reading The Masterpiece Within: JEALOUSY