The War for Our Souls: Week 5


The Helmet and Sword Growing up, my brother and I loved playing dress up. The costumes and jumpsuits morphed over the years from firemen and princesses to cowboys and Star Wars characters. Though, our masks/helmets and weapons always remained most important. We did our best to hold tight to these parts of our armor. Still … Continue reading The War for Our Souls: Week 5

In the Waiting- Purpose

Featured ~~~ In the waiting seasons, our identity is often shaken and we wonder about our PURPOSE. I experienced this personally when I lost my job as a teacher and became very sick as I shared in the video. Although when all is stripped away, we are reminded of what is really important and making … Continue reading In the Waiting- Purpose

Singleness is a GIFT


Relationship… Just those letters may drip with pure thrill or temptation to run away and hurl... Trust me, I understand.   Most people my age have popped the question and ring with wedding ceremony planning of homemade decor, catering and picturesque scenery underway. Others are chasing their toddlers or coming up with precious baby announcements and names- Truly … Continue reading Singleness is a GIFT

The Masterpiece Within: JOY

Featured Check out this weeks blog on the emotion: JOY! If you are in need of prayer or would like to further connect, please feel free to comment below, email me at, find my page on Facebook @scrogginsalisha, YouTube: Mess 2 Masterpiece, or Instagram @mess_2_masterpiece. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so … Continue reading The Masterpiece Within: JOY