The Masterpiece Within: Series Wrap Up


Wow… What an incredible series we have been in these past eight weeks looking at the “Masterpiece Within: The World of our Emotions”.  As we discussed in the very beginning, emotions can be messy and scary. There isn’t a set protocol for how we will experience each, let alone a formula to deal with them. … Continue reading The Masterpiece Within: Series Wrap Up

The Masterpiece Within: JOY

Featured Check out this weeks blog on the emotion: JOY! If you are in need of prayer or would like to further connect, please feel free to comment below, email me at, find my page on Facebook @scrogginsalisha, YouTube: Mess 2 Masterpiece, or Instagram @mess_2_masterpiece. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so … Continue reading The Masterpiece Within: JOY

Refusing to Run From Rest


Rest. Four familiar letters forming such a simple instruction, though commonly forgotten or pushed to the side by procrastination, especially by those of us who need it most. Even mentioning such, you might be squirming in your seat, tempted to keep on scrolling, believing, “Oh no. You don't know my schedule. That’s not for me.”  … Continue reading Refusing to Run From Rest

The Best Gift Not Found Under the Tree


Growing up, Christmas morning was always filled with such extravagance. In the darkness of those early morning hours, my brother and I bounded down the stairs expectant for all Santa had brought. The lights on the tree bounced like dancers as bows and wrapping paper were flung every direction with the sweet aroma of Cinnamon … Continue reading The Best Gift Not Found Under the Tree