“Masterpieces” for Sale

To further the heart behind “Mess 2 Masterpiece”, the Lord has prompted me to offer my creativity for Him and bring blessing to others. So, I will now be selling the following products. 


*Handmade Fleece Tie Prayer Blankets (Price Dependent upon size & Fabric style requested) 

*8×10 Canvas $20

*Wooden Sign (Depending on Size) $15-40

*Pencil Drawing with 8×10 Frame $20

~Shipping will also play a factor in total cost


Here are a few pictures of the many products I have made. Everything is able to be personalized with color/scripture/quotes/names. 


They are perfect surprises for birthdays, anniversaries, decorating your office/house/nursery, or even sending to a friend/family in need of encouragement. Each masterpiece is created with lots of love and covered in prayer. 

If you are interested, please email me at with your name, address and contact info, as well as…

  • The Item you are requesting
  • Size
  • Color(s)
  • Scripture/Song lyrics/Team

You can expect a price and an estimate for delivery within 24 hours.