Refusing to Run From Rest

Rest. Four familiar letters forming such a simple instruction, though commonly forgotten or pushed to the side by procrastination, especially by those of us who need it most. Even mentioning such, you might be squirming in your seat, tempted to keep on scrolling, believing, “Oh no. You don't know my schedule. That’s not for me.”  … Continue reading Refusing to Run From Rest

Purpose in the Process

Tears… Questions… Pain… Anger… Four words merely scratching the surface of this past week in my world... Were you in the hospital? Did you get a new/poor diagnosis? Did someone you love die? All questions possibly popping to the forefront of your mind, though thankfully I am able to negate. Nevertheless the sting remains. Have … Continue reading Purpose in the Process

“Even if”… The healing doesn’t come

Have you ever known someone who has been very ill, but after the prayers of many, the person was miraculously healed?? Getting the opportunity to experience such firsthand or even as a witness can be an incredible bolster to one’s faith, as well as to the power of prayer.  Although what happens when the healing … Continue reading “Even if”… The healing doesn’t come