For whom or what are you THANKFUL?

Thanksgiving… The huge holiday celebrated by millions here in America filled with sweet memories of food, friends, family and football often followed by the hustle and bustle of Black Friday is quickly approaching. As we neared this annual festivity two years ago, my middle school students and I were discussing the topic. For many, it … Continue reading For whom or what are you THANKFUL?

Loving on our “Inner Child”

Trauma is unfortunately so prevalent in our world today and can make such a impact on our lives. Check out the video link below where I share my experience and how we are to love on our "inner child" in connection with a song the Lord gave me by Steffany Gretzinger called "Cecie's Lullaby". reading Loving on our “Inner Child”

Purpose in the Process

Tears… Questions… Pain… Anger… Four words merely scratching the surface of this past week in my world... Were you in the hospital? Did you get a new/poor diagnosis? Did someone you love die? All questions possibly popping to the forefront of your mind, though thankfully I am able to negate. Nevertheless the sting remains. Have … Continue reading Purpose in the Process