Balancing My New World

Featured Today I share my journey of balancing and navigating life since my healing including my failures and lessons the Lord has taught me along the way! Below are resources I am finding very helpful in my growing journey as well! ~~~As always, I would love to connect with you. Email at, commenting below or … Continue reading Balancing My New World

Nothing is Impossible With Him


We read and hear stories far and wide. Of miracles and healings. Still, especially in these times, We don’t always personally believe  They could happen in our lives.  Even I found myself drowning in doubt  And lost hope for a turnaround.  Yet, Jesus does not need the permission of all To do the impossible.  He … Continue reading Nothing is Impossible With Him

The “Dark Night of the Soul”


As I draw nearer to the day signifying seven months without nutrition, It is no doubt a miracle. Though my physical body is getting more and more fragile.  I compensated with extra rest at first. Yet with each pressing hour, I find myself wandering beyond my bedroom walls Into the wilderness.  Although lifting a finger … Continue reading The “Dark Night of the Soul”