Happy Miracle Anniversary! 1 year

Today I am celebrating ONE YEAR since my miraculous healing on December 9th, 2021!

Here is a video reflecting on all God has done this past year as well as reading the poem “Nothing is Impossible With Him”!

Also, here is an unreleased video of my first steps that morning of December 10th!

Keep in mind… I had not walked in YEARS. Plus due to nutritional deficiencies and immobility I had lost all muscle mass. So this and every step since is completely a miracle! All Glory to JESUS!

If you are interested in learning more about me or my story, you have questions about this miracle working God, or prayer requests, please contact me at contact@alishascroggins.com!

Much Love, Alisha

2 thoughts on “Happy Miracle Anniversary! 1 year

  1. SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such a WONDERFUL testimony of GOD’s GOODNESS and GRACE!!!!!! I REJOICE and CELEBRATE with you!!!!!!


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