Nothing is Impossible With Him

We read and hear stories far and wide.

Of miracles and healings.

Still, especially in these times,

We don’t always personally believe 

They could happen in our lives. 

Even I found myself drowning in doubt 

And lost hope for a turnaround. 

Yet, Jesus does not need the permission of all

To do the impossible. 

He simply needs the faith of a few

Thus, I pray this will encourage you. 

Because trust me,

With the mighty name of Jesus,

A miracle could happen to you, too.


The weight of life seemed unbearable on December 9th

With the aftermath of stroke number four.

No longer feeling or moving,

My heart wrestling and wandering

Trying to navigate the pain

And continual declining 

Honestly questioning the Lord

Of the amount of time I had left on Earth

And its’ quality if I could do nothing for myself.

Or the even harder part of watching the toll on everyone else

As all scurried around in the constant caring of my body. 

Lifting and feeding, 

Brushing and cleaning, 

There was lots of love and even laughter mixed in

As they were truly Jesus’ hands and feet in the flesh. 

Although, no matter how much they tried to press on, 

Minute by minute, day by day, 

The reality was it was becoming far too overwhelming. 


So, as masked smiles shed that afternoon,

And the depths of brokenness brought to the surface, 

A power ignited beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

And uniting around my hospital bed, 

We poured our hearts out before the King. 

Eventually, night came and all went on their way, 

So I tried to sleep. 

But a restlessness rose in my spirit.

And Jesus made it quite clear.

He had another plan in mind.

For He was not finished yet.


It started as a ringing.

Then a warm tingling 

From the very top of my head to the tips of my feet.

At first, I wondered if I was awake or asleep.

My mind raced in disbelief.

Although as warmth returned to my limbs again, 

I was simply in awe of Him.  

Not only My Abba. My Protector. 

My Provider. My Redeemer. 

But My Healer. 


Worship wailed from deep within

As I soaked in the early hours. 

Just me and Him. 

Remembering the rocky road we’d been,

And giving me glimpses of the redemption 

Sure to be coming in the days ahead. 

Still, as the sun poked its head 

Over the mountains that morning,

Jesus could not stay silent. 

And as my eyes opened wide, 

He said “Rise my child”. 


From the pit of darkness, 

In a body once maimed and chained

With minimal hope of recovery, 

To standing

And dancing.

Whole and free.

Surrounded by the beauty of community  

And faithful prayers being lifted for me.

For not merely days, but years.

Truly such a powerful testimony.


There are simply no words for the emotion. 

The awe. 

The grace.

The humbleness.

That out of everyone,
He chose me. 

Not because I’m special or deserving,

But so others could see Him.


No longer itching or Epipening.

Saying goodbye to wheelchairs and diapers. 

It is still so foreign. 

Although for the first time, 

I am truly living. 

And with Jesus, 

I know this is just the beginning,

As He has given me the mission. 

Of making His Name known. 

From the far north to the deep south, 

To the edges of the east and west, 

May His glory spread 

That all may see and experience that

No matter your story or shattered past,

You, too, can experience complete healing.

For Nothing is Impossible with Him.


I pray this poem encourages your faith and boldness in asking and believing for miracles because they really do happen. I also want to give a special thank you to all of the prayer warriors who have been contending on my behalf for years. What a gift it is to share this with you all and I love you dearly.

As always if you have comments/questions/prayer requests, please email me at or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. I would love to join you in praying for your miracle too.

3 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible With Him

  1. The power of being open and vulnerable shuts down satan from being able to do his nastiness. Satan wants our brokenness to be hidden because things hidden stay in the dark and the enemy wants us to keep everything in the dark. So, I chose once i said yes to my calling to be open and vulnerable from the start. As i write and share my story I will be open and vulnerable so i leave no way for the enemy to do his dark work in or around me. Thankful you experienced this healing like you did.


    1. Amen. Amen. Amen. So proud of you and continuing to pray for you especially as you share your story! God has and is going to continue to use you in powerful ways.


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