As I look around this world, I wonder…


Why are so many starving,

When others order take out each meal?


Why are good people stolen from life before it seems their time,

When those focused on destruction thrive?


Why do some terminate life without hesitation,

When others plead for a baby night after night?


Why do we try to be everything for everyone,

Though leave no time or space for ourselves?


Why do those in high positions fail to listen,

When they too started on the bottom?


Why do we choose hate and division,

When all were made in God’s image?


Why do some have mere rags,

When others’ closets burst of outfits merely worn one time with designer name tags??


Why doesn’t life turn out like we planned,

Even when we long to obey God’s will?


Why do we cling to our phones for community,

Instead of embracing those sitting in our living room?


Why are some stuck in suffering,

When others get their miraculous healing?


Why do we stare,

When all we want is just someone to care?


Why do we try hide the pain and sorrow by being strong and put together,

When in reality we are all broken in one way or another?


Why are we focused on the number of followers, 

Rather than who we are following?


Why do those who are blood,

Still betray and break us?


Why are we so quick to make excuses and miss opportunities,

When we are not guaranteed tomorrow?


Why do we strive to become like the world,

Rather than embracing who we are and what we were made for?


While we may never know the answers, I’m learning God doesn’t shy away rather invites our questions.

What is the “Why” with which you have been struggling?

Please comment below and so we all may see we are not alone.

Much love and prayers always, Alisha

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