Are YOU Ready?

Today I share this idea of “getting ready” for Jesus’s return and “Waking Up” through a story and prayer. Below are also links to a devotion and poem.

If you have questions, prayer requests, or want to connect further, please do not hesitate to reach out via email (, Social Media, YouTube (Mess 2 Masterpiece), or comment below.

You are not alone and I would be honored to step into your journey wherever you are.

Much love and prayers always, Alisha

Link to “Getting Ready” Published with Christian Devotions

Link to Poem: “The Thief in the Night”

3 thoughts on “Are YOU Ready?

  1. Thank God you and your roommate are safe! As always, I loved this wonderful and insightful post. May God continue to shine through you! I love and appreciate you and pray for you!


  2. Oh my Alisha! I am so glad you both are safe but WOW how God used that event to speak to you! Great comparison. Just as you did not expect the thief to arrive we know from scripture Jesus will arrive the same way…Suddenly! Yes we need to be ready at all times.


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