The War for Our Souls: Week 3

Readying Our Feet with Peace

I loved running barefoot as a child. Day and night, my growing feet like to venture all different terrains. Some seemed softer, like sand or grass underneath a tree. Still, the hot pavement or river rocks were marked by edges and jarring. 

One summer night, I was dashing out the door when my usual cool demeanor turned to chaos with a crash and splinter. Terrified of needles and tweezers, no person or bribe could soothe my thrashing and screaming. Yet, even after such pain and drama time and time again, I did not learn my lesson.

Like me and my refusal to wear shoes, some of us neglect unity, too. We think we don’t need others or dare not be in the same room because our views could not be farther apart. 

Although, if I may I shed light from my stubbornness, I have learned we cannot- physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually- do life alone.

If there is any one in history that understands the ramifications of isolation, it is us for we endured the COVID pandemic with our country just starting to normalize after 16 months+ with suicides and deaths due to addiction multiplying.

Even back in the beginning of the Creation and the book of Genesis Chapter 2, we see God’s intentions in creating us for relationships and community. So, Paul’s command in Ephesians 6:15 shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Today we are going to look at two facets of our feet we must keep when fighting the enemy. Let’s read verse 15. It says, “And your feet must be fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

First, I want to bring our attention to the word “readiness” or willing. You see, neither community, nor unity happens naturally, especially when the enemy is fighting for the opposite. However, we can be intentional in planning, as well as open to what the Holy Spirit is doing

It is also important to consider that even though we may be surrounded by people in a room, we can still feel alone or lonely. All of us, introvert or extrovert, short or tall, male or female, 5 or 55, long to not only be seen, but KNOWN and LOVED. So, slow down and engage in meaningful conversation. It will get easier the more you practice. I promise.

In addition, I want to emphasize the last word in verse fifteen, “peace”. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, peace can be defined as “calmness, free from external or internal disturbances; quietness.” 

While this definition sounds wonderful, you may doubt its practicality, especially if your world is filled with the chaos of young children or grandchildren, or other demands keeping your days long and full. 

However, I believe the peace here in this verse and throughout the Bible extends far beyond what the eyes can see and our circumstances. 

The reality is life is hard. We will face hardship. But even amidst the operating room or courtroom, a jail cell or gym shower, classroom or nursing home, we can have peace because we know God is with us. 

When we walk in peace, our thinking can also shift from “Are we on the same political side?” to “Can they see Jesus in me?”

Jesus didn’t walk on this earth carelessly or without conflict. Yet, he embodied Ephesians 6 verse 15. Thus, we must ask ourselves, “Why can’t we?”.

May today be the day that we wash our dirty feet and get ready to walk in peace.

One thought on “The War for Our Souls: Week 3

  1. Being a serial introvert I will have to say these long months of COVID shutdown and isolation changed me to have a deeper understanding of the need for others, the need for human touch and the need to see faces when talking. Now I know I will still need periods of time alone to recharge my battery but oh how i could finally see and appreciate the fact we were created to do life with others. Now I hope as us Christians emerge they see Jesus in us walking in peace and unity.


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