“One Foot in Heaven” Poem

Here is a reading of the poem I recently wrote. You can also find the written version below.

Much love and prayers always, Alisha


One foot in Heaven,

One foot on Earth.

Some days more than others,

I feel torn between two worlds.


I long to go to my home above,

Where the shackles of suffering and pain will no longer be.

The endless nights of tears and screaming.

Still, I know it’s no accident I’m breathing.


It’s far from comfortable,

Nor clear for the reason why.

The answer to the questions,

May never be mine.


Yet, I’m finding God is not trying

To snuff me out like a candle,

Or hide me away.

Rather, He is in the refining process,

So I may withstand even the hottest of fires

Coming my way.


Especially as I watch others adventure from afar,

My heart can’t break the prison bars.

I long to run and dance,

To eat the banquet feast without an EpiPen in hand,

And to be swept up in my Great Grandma’s arms again.

Though above all treasures of this land I have trod,

I long to see the face of God.


I often wonder,

If I will fall to my knees,

Or if I will stand?

Will I speak,

Or simply weep

Staring into the Love and Grace that rescued me?

Even when I wasn’t deserving,

He chose me.


Will I watch the ways of the world below?

Or will I be caught up in Heaven’s shores and the angels glow?

My heart can’t help but wonder.

It’s like I’m doing the Hokey Pokey between two worlds.


Though for now,

While I still have one foot here on Earth,

I long to be near the broken and the messy,

For I am a living testimony,

Of His redemptive power and story.

And for the many or few days I have left here,

My life is in His hands.

May He get all the glory

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

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