“But God”

Two words. 6 letters. A conjunction and a noun. Two words you may have seen on a T-shirt or the topic of a sermon.  

Seven days ago, like you, I may have paused momentarily at their hearing in light of punctuation, or even just breezed by them in my reading. 

Though by His grace and mercy, these 6 letters took my breathe away, literally and figuratively, that I may sit here in awe with my fingers trembling attempting to script all He has flooded my heart and brain these past several days.


Throughout scripture and even our lives, we see patterns. The stories appear to be heading one direction. 

The characters and players are in the groove and everything is rolling and flowing, whether with their building or crops and families growing. You too, may relate.

Our lives become predictable and we get in a rhythm. Thus, if we know all this knowledge surrounding and leading up, we assume to know the expected, anticipated ending. Right?


I know, I sure did. With poor prognoses piling from countless medical professionals and others near to me each day, hope drained, until I too believed, death, at 26, would be my fate. 

Even without consciously choosing, one moment turned to many and it was if I took over the responsibility of picking up the pen to finish the end of my book “how God would”.

Still, God had a different script in mind for me and that phrase, “But God” intercepted deaths knocking. 

It not only spared my life but replaced my rhythm with even greater focus and fervency. Especially recognizing in reality that by every physical standard I should not be here. Still, I am. Not because of anything I did. Rather, it God made it clear, He is not done with me, yet. 

And friend, no matter your circumstance, He is not done with you, either. 

We are not guaranteed tomorrow or our next breath, in all actuality. 

Yet instead of living in fear or resting in the hands of the best of the best medical staff, I have decided to place my life in the hands of the creator and author of ALL life for only He knows my beginning and end date.

Thus, may our hearts be open to all the “But God” moments He graciously gives in the meantime.

And would you be ever so bold in asking for the “But God” you need in your life today?

Much love and prayers always, Alisha

3 thoughts on ““But God”

  1. Tears are filling my eyes…and praise is filling my heart. God is amazing. And you are a living testimony to His amazingness. I love you so much.


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