“Secrets” of Life

If today was your last, who would you want to spend it with? Who would you call? What would you want to say? Where would you want to go or do? 

Thoughts as such may seem uncomfortable, bringing up feelings of uncertainty and fear even for someone like myself who is only twenty-six yet has stared death in the face. Even still, it is reality. We are human and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

Although instead of being consumed by the negative and fear associated with such consideration, I want to accentuate the good that can come from this mindset, the “secrets” to fully living. For far too long in my life, I clung to the familiar, the most popular, always afraid of embarrassment, failure, or rejection. I wasn’t really living. However, in dealing with various health issues the past two years, I have learned to live every moment, every day as if it were my last and it has changed everything, truly bringing about a greater depth and impact than I could have ever imagined. 

This is not to say that you or I should sit around thinking or talking about dying all the time, for I believe there is such power in speaking life. Although no matter your age, whether eighteen or eighty-five, we need to take time to look in the mirror and heed the urgency of making things right with others, God, and ourselves: body, heart and mind. 

Instead of putting it off til tomorrow, pick up the phone and dial her number… Soak in the Word watching the sunset… Dance in your kitchen, even if you can’t hold a beat… Count your blessings… Mail the letter… Play in the rain…  Laugh till your stomach hurts… Savor the ice cream… Stop and sit with those who care and let the tears fall… Paint the picture… Sing in the shower… Hug those who love…  Share your testimony with the Uber driver, the professor, the co-worker, the sister, the nurse, the daughter… Forgive. Forgive. And forgive again… Seek to become the man/woman God has created you to be by starting each day on your knees… And above all, love deeply. 

Though it’s not always easy or convenient, I promise as you pour out your life for others, continuing to give God all the glory, you will not have any regrets. And you never know the legacy you will leave and the lives you will touch in the process… Hence you have it dear friends, the “secrets” to not mere survival, but life and life to the fullest. May you not waste another minute. 

Much love and prayers always, Alisha 🙂

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