Prince Charming

Swept off my feet, 

When our eyes met again, 

In the church pew that day. 

No words to even describe

The deep passion that was arising

For he had always been my Prince Charming. 


Youth Group and trips, 

Long conversations at camp. 

All the precious memories flooding back. 

That sweet smile and laugh, 

How could I ever forget? 


Sitting down and catching up, 

Amazed where God’s brought us. 

The pieces started adding right up. 

All those years both just too scared, 

To share how we really felt. 


In a blink of an eye, 

After dinner and a long drive, 

Oh how it felt so right


Hours upon hours. 

Late nights and early mornings. 

Sharing dreams and making plans.

Sounds of wedding bells ringing, 

Laughter and children playing. 

Then there’s always world hunger 

And how about that public education. 

Him and me, 

Solving all the world’s problems. 


Oh to hear his voice, 

The gentle touch of his lips, 

Not a worry nor a care. 


So excited can’t sleep. 

Forgetting to even eat. 

But it was all okay. 

Because I thought it would always be, 

My prince and me. 


Although a phone call one day. 

Sent my mind spinning. 

Oh Lord, please… Please.

This can’t be. 


Shock and confusion, 

No words can even be spoken. 

Tears just keep on flowing. 

Thinking of all the things that won’t be. 


Alone and broken, 

A piece of my heart forever stolen. 

As I let go of all the memories. 


Although in time, 

I shall see.

Even our darkest memories, 

God can use beautifully, 

To refine us and mold us

Into His beautiful masterpiece. 


Lord hold me and heal me 

As I walk through this valley. 

I trust you… I surrender all to you. 

Knowing your plans are far greater than mine. 

Thank you for your amazing love. 

Never changing, 

Never failing, 

For you will always be, 

So much greater than any Prince Charming. 


Longing to be loved in my early adult years, I bounced from relationship to relationship. Yet time and time again, I still felt hollow, like an Easter egg that’s empty on the inside. Although after the heartbreak of the third consecutive relationship crashing even despite wedding plans being in the works and a wedding dress awaiting my pick-up at the store, the Lord opened my eyes. Not only was he protecting me, but I had been searching for the wrong thing, the wrong person, and no matter how perfect or imperfect the guy, he still would never be enough. For rather than a ring, my heart, the priority my life needed to be seeking Jesus first and foremost. Jesus not only knows and loves us, but he is the epitome, the definition of love as he paid the ultimate sacrifice on the cross by dying for our sins. Thus without Jesus, love in its fullest most beautiful sense is not possible. Only he can satisfy those deepest innermost parts of our soul.

So rather than getting caught up in the world’s standards of relationships/marriage or becoming jealous of others as the years go by and I remain single, watching many of my friends getting married and having kids, my entire focus needs to be in falling more in love with Jesus by spending time and talking with him, reading the book he has written, and being in community of other people who love him so I can become the woman he has created me to be. And I believe that in this process, I can trust if it is his will, he will place the right man, another one of this children whom he loves, in my path and in the right timing and the fruits of our loves and relationships with Jesus will overflow into our marriage and family more abundantly than we can even imagine. Although in the meantime, I am going to soak up all the time I can with Jesus, my forever Prince Charming.

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